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        The child and his world, where everything has its beginning and everything is perfect. The taste I cherish is still part of my daily life.

        The little shops in my village where you could taste flavours and smell fragrances, in a region linked to the earth and its wine-gastronomic skills: Emilia-Romagna.

        In the trattoria, many good things were served up, the most varied delicacies and delicacies depending on the season, which could be tasted together with friends.

        The enthusiasm, the innocence and the lightness of a child in believing in the feasibility of all great deeds.

        I present to you Gourmori, a great work to introduce you too to the ancient tastes that I have jealously and proudly guarded since childhood.

        It is with pleasure that I transmit to you my passion and feel satisfaction in preparing and uncovering a large table, thinking of reliving the feelings and emotions as I used to do in the trattoria, at table with friends and acquaintances for lunch and dinner.

        So I open my shrine, Gourmori, with the enthusiasm of a child and the knowledge of serving up delicacies to be tasted by a special audience in Switzerland.

        Bon appetit!