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        packaging versand



        As with our products, we place the highest value on environmental sustainability in packaging and shipping.

        For this reason, we have chosen to improve the products by using only recycled and fully recyclable materials in temperature-controlled paper for innovative, ecological, environmentally friendly home delivery for sustainable trade.


        packaging versando produkte gourmori


        Upon delivery, the purchased products are well preserved in sturdy boxes that can be reused or disposed of in paper.

        Inside, we use heat-insulating cushions that protect the products inside and minimise damage from handling and transport of the packaging.

        The recycled cooling bags, together with the heat-insulating pads, form an optimal thermal insulation that guarantees the internal temperature for up to 48 hours or more.

        Finally, the packaging is perfectly sealed with a paper tape that is also recyclable, which not only provides an excellent seal for the box, but also allows the entire box to be recycled without having to separate the tape to dispose of it.