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        Aufschnitt Devodier



        From cellar to table, a journey of quality. When nature meets tradition, each Devodier ham embodies the tradition of those born in the Food Valley with the love of gastronomic excellence in their blood.

        The Devodier family, rooted in the Parma area for several centuries, has dedicated itself to curing hams over the generations, based on the experience it has in all areas of processing, such as rearing, slaughtering and curing. The story begins in the 18th century.

        To be what you are, you cannot ignore your birthplace. The history of the Devodier family as ham and sausage makers, always concerned with the selection of choice pork and one of the founders of the "Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma", has its roots in the heart of the Parma Valley, where the hills merge into the riverbed of the Parma torrent.

        As the story goes, particularly good and fragrant hams and sausages were to be found there. Young Enrico also noticed this when, in the middle of the last century, he was looking for a suitable area to mature his hams.

        The secret? The ideal microclimate that is created when the wind rising from the Parma torrent meets the water from the springs that flow at a shallow depth beneath the cellars.

        So it is in this unique place that the ancient ageing cellars are born, the heart of the Devodier company, which has grown year after year along with the territory.

        There have been many changes and modernisations, but the deep connection with the beginnings and the respect for a traditional craft have remained unchanged. It is only worth remembering that even today the hams are refined exclusively in the same ageing cellars, with their porous bricks and gnarled fir wood racks. Three different rooms, three different maturing processes, create a line of high-quality hams and cold meats that bears their name: Le Antiche Cantine (The Ancient Maturing Cellars). 

        For the Devodier family, the high quality of the product should tell of Parma every time you taste it. That is the tradition.

        Devodier ham is born from an ancient passion, handed down from generation to generation. The Devodier family has always strived for excellence, to create a special ham every day, unique in fragrance and quality.

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